Monday, February 8, 2010

Lemons for Correction, The Petsafe Lemon Spray Bark Collar

One of the most challenging problem that owners face with their dogs, is chronic barking. Dogs bark to communicate something, but excessive or unwanted barking is not good anymore. It takes time to teach a dog to bark only when needed. Most owners lose their patience along the way to the point that they sometimes want to give up.

Pet product developers have already come up with bark collars to curve nuisance barking. However, controversy still surrounds these no bark collars. Some think that electronic pet products are harmful and inhumane, but not all bark collars are like that, specially those from renowned manufacturers like Petsafe. These collars undergo testing until proven safe and effective for pet usage. The idea of static correction usually frighten pet owners, but this mild correction will not harm the pet at all. Due to this concern, a new line of collars were developed. No static correction of any sort, the spray bark collars will emit a lemon scent to correct the dog.

One of the top selling spray bark collars today is the Petsafe Lemon Spray Bark Collar. Good for dogs weighing 8lbs and above, emitting up to 80 sprays per refill, the lemon scent is really a better way to warn and teach the dog of his unwanted barking. A lemon scent deters your dog, yet smells great.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pit Bulls and Dog Fighting

American pit bulls are the popular breed used for dog fighting. They are specially bred to withstand the intensity of hard training and the painful wounds of the blood sport. Numerous animal rights advocates have already pushed for the punishment of dog owners engaging their pets on dog fighting. Pitbulls are supposed to be loved and cared for with petsafe products and not to be tortured on violent acts. Read an article about dog fighting posted in AmericaOutdoor. 

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