Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dog Marking Tips

Dog marking is an instinctive behavior so it's a normal thing they must do. A dog leaves its scent in urine to tell other dogs a message; it could be about whose territory it is or is about the dog's social order or advertising mating availability. Dogs also use urine marking to show their dominance or to claim something as belonging to them. Some dogs feel the need to lift their leg and pee on all new things that enter your house, shopping bags, visitor’s belongings, new furniture, children's toys etc. Dogs with feelings of insecurity or who have separation anxiety may also mark, as territory marking builds the dog's confidence and petsafe.

Marking is definitely different from peeing. Dogs deposit smaller amount of urine. Marking in the house is usually done to an upright surface such as a doorway, table leg or piece of furniture or new and unfamiliar objects like visitor belongings. Many of these dogs are lacking in confidence and by marking new objects it makes them feel more secure having deposited their own scent on these objects. Dog urine marking is not a toilet training issue but rather an issue concerning a whole range of instinctive behaviors. Although male dogs are more likely to mark urine than females it is not unknown for a female dog to scent mark too. Often a female dog coming into heat or during it will mark to advertise her availability. A dominant female will also mark while smaller breeds tend to pee in the house more than larger dogs. Also two or more dogs living together in the same house who regard each other as the competition are more prone to urine marking. Urine marking can be a dominance issue.

First, prevention is better than cure, neutering and spaying dogs at early age is the most reliable and effective way to stop them from marking, but not infallible. Fixing them will reduce the body’s natural chemicals and hormones that risen by sexual heat. If you have an adult dog neutered, it may take a full year for the male hormones to subside and stop controlling his behavior.

Interrupting and breaking this habit is also an effective way to stop and control. Give a close supervision to stop his/her marking behavior. It may take some days and weeks to at least minimize this behavior and really need intense supervision. Also loud noise can startle and interrupt him from what he was doing. A can or a plastic bottle with coins inside could help divert his attention, when you see he is sniffing and circling around a place or an object and then he start to raise his legs, get his attention immediately followed by giving him command in stern voice like “no pee”. Just be constant on interrupting and supervising him, just do not rant or give punishment that will make his insecure feeling more insecure. Regular reinforcing the normal housebreaking routine will help those dogs who sudden marking, praising him when he do his business on right place. Bring him to his regular pee place whenever he starts marking.

If you see the problem is a newcomer, build the friendship between your dog and the newcomer. Let the newcomer try to give him treats or feed him, let them also have some time to play together. For new baby or new pet, have some fun with your dog while newcomer is around, create positive event between them.

Thoroughly cleaning his marking area inside the house is a must. Dog may pee and pee all over again on that area so you must remove the evidence of the crime completely. Use cleaners with enzyme contents or 50/50 water and vinegar solutions to wash the area, just avoid ammonia based products.

Also make his favorite marking place unattractive to him. Place his eating bowl right on the place where he marks. Let his respected things placed on that area so he will not mess it with his marking like placing the dog crates. Belly bands are also effective solution to control his peeing.

Some severe marking problems are fixed with drug therapy. Dogs with high level of stress or been on bad past like being abused or other similar circumstances, drugs are proven to help. Be sure to ask professional vets and learn everything about drug alternatives and possible side effects before letting your dog in medication.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

No More Pricey Pet Training


One of the most difficult tasks in pet ownership is pet training. Some dogs can really be stubborn and takes longer time to teach. Pet owners can only devote so little time in training that is why most of them seek professional help. This option may spare them time and effort but then, may have to cost a little extra. Dog daycares, pet sitting and dog training require daily, weekly or monthly fees and can empty pockets.
Most pet owners aim to have better dogs in the quickest time possible. Fast and easy training is what pet supply manufacturers also aim for. To provide dog owners with an effective and affordable alternative, brands like  Petsafe  have developed a full line of dog training collars.

The Petsafe dog training collar is an example of dog training equipment designed to provide quick and effective training to have well-behaved dogs. It allows dog owners to mark pet boundaries and restrict their pets of crossing limited areas. Pet obedience can be developed with the help of such training tool. Dog owners will no longer have a hard time in giving commands and calling out their pets.
Some people today are hesitant to have pets because most pet owners share their views on the costly problems of pet ownership. Pet food, dog health, pet training and dog care can be pricey but with electronic dog training collars, they can save few dollars for other important matters.
As the name suggests, the Petsafe dog training collar  is safe for any dog breed. There’s a collar for small, medium and big dogs. No need to worry on the safety of the pet, these products has passed manufacturing and safety checks.  These training tools come with 3 components, the transmitter, the collar, and the receiver. They can also cover various ranges, in yards or miles.
With the latest innovation in dog equipment, training will not be as hard, as long and as pricey as the other dog training options. See more improvements while spending less.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hiking with Multiple Dogs

For backpackers and hikers, having a dog as hiking companion is a great experience and would never give a dull moment. And of course, the more the merrier and having multiple dogs is just another great level of excitement. But before doing this, here are few tips on hiking with dogs for everyone’s safety and comfort.

Identify the temperament of dogs. Almost all medium to large dogs are great companion but you have to consider their individual temperament and behaviour. There are great companion alone while others are very good followers as a pack. Dog breeds such as American Stanford Bulldog and other “bull” breeds are loyal dogs but usually having issues with dominance so they need to be more trained to obey commands and get along with other dogs. Dobermans, Mastiffs, Danes, and Boxers are good candidate for multiple dog companions for they are submissive and good followers and just take note of their very hyper behaviour is well trained.

Australian Cattle dogs, Siberian Huskys, Border Collies and Akitas are well known to be loyal dogs too but would get easily distracted and excited to chase wild animals. This can be fixed with proper training and essential tools.

Another factor is weather. Identify what kind of weather condition of the hiking trail you will be travelling. Choose well-coated dogs for cold places, especially there is a change of getting wet. Tolerable are collies, husky, akita, shepherds and more.

Ensuring safety all the time.
Bring all necessary things such as food, water, shelter such
An expandable dog shock collar for multiple dogs
as dog crate and dog bed, emergency kit and some reliable training collars. There are portable water dispenser that is lightweight and designed for dogs to drink instantly without wasting any drop. Choose lightweight and foldable kennel crates more comfortable dog resting place. For even more safety and security for lost dog, use dog training collars and shock collars to ensure your dog will listen and follow you all the time. Name tags and micro chip are also very important in case of lost dog.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Essentials Stuffs of Giant Dog Breeds

Extra large dog crate.
Having large dog as pet definitely gives you extra love. Giant dog breeds are usually very gentle and loving pet, especially to small children. For years, they are known to be a very good companion as guard dog and herding dog in the field. They are very smart and have well known eagerness to train. These very loving creatures are growing very fast from puppy-hood so keeping up with the right accessories and things they need is very important to address their need. Here’s some stuff your extra-large pet may need to have a happy and easy living.

Comfortable Den.
Giant dogs love to sleep, and they need to sleep to sustain their fast-growing and large body resting need. Providing them a comfortable territory on their own, provide an extra-large dog crates. These giant crates should provide them enough space to stand up, turn around lay down just enough because too small is un-comforting while too big may give them space to poo or pee on one side and sleep on the other side and this might develop this bad habit. For growing pups, choose the life stages dog crate where you can configure the space of the crate to his size and can accommodate his space need as he grows.

Large Beds.
Aside from the ones that can give them space, choose the features of large dog beds that have much more comforting effects. Older giant dogs are more prone to arthritis and joint pain so choose beds with cooling effect.

Ladders and Ramps.
Large dogs love to jump up and down on things at home such as sofa or at the car. Since their joints are at risk for any injury, provide a ladder or ramp if needed.  Ladder helps on less impact from jumping on and off high things or car.

Harness and Collars.
Extra size has extra pressure when they pull while walking for exercise. Make sure to put the collars or harness that can fit just well and can withstand pressure when pulling hard. Look the ones too that can help on training him on walking or exercising aside from their safety features.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Most Advance Dog Fence

 Keeping dogs within your vicinity is essential to ensure safety and away from all elements of danger outside the house like car accidents, lost in the street or woods, stolen by strangers or wandering around and might meet or fight other dog or catch any diseases from food and water around. Investing on dog fence system is good investment in the long run, not only to keep your dog away from all danger but also it can help on training dog into even more behaved and well-disciplined pet. Dog fence replace the bulky, expensive and high maintenance wood fence aside from it blocks your view to the community and your house. Here are few of the most advanced and reliable dog fence systems available and their features.

Border Patrol TC1 – GPS Dog Fence System

Border Patrol TC1 – GPS Dog Fence System

The Border Patrol TC1GPS Dog Fence by Dog Expedition Systems is a revolutionary pet containment e-Fence or electronic dog fence system with Fence View Tracking and Remote Trainer capabilities that uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, making it the most advanced dog fence systems available. This wireless dog fence has 50 intensity levels of “Nick” and continuous stimulation, can cover an area with up to an 800 yard radius from a programmable Center Point and the remote e-collar has 2-mile range capability.

Some of its features make you more in control on location of your pet in real time. The handheld transmitter has a LCD screen display where you can tract the distance and direction of your dog from your reference. You can even set special zone with a radius from 15 to 800 yards distance, once the dog is out of this range, it will activate alarm, warning or tone for you and your pet so he can learn to stay close to your desired distance.

WIFI Dog Fence System

WIFI Dog Fence System

The WIFI Dog Fence System by Perimeter Technologies is another innovative fully wireless dog containment system with aid of 802.15 Wireless Fidelity Protocol technology or WIFI which is well-known as strong and portable communication device between gadgets. This really makes training and containing pet within anytime, anywhere within the area you wanted to set. So even in the park, forest, or any open field, you can set up this system to continuously and consistently containing and training pet to stay and keep safe.
You are in control of range from 10 - 200 ft. radius or 2.5 acres of coverage while using the real time SmartStation, you can easily view your dog’s distance from the system. To train dog, the collar has boundary challenge alert while the transmitter has lost contact alarm so you know the system is working all the time. Both collar and transmitter are rechargeable.

Ultra Contain N Train Dog Fence

Ultra Contain N Train Dog Fence
The IUC-5100 Ultra Contain N Train Dog Fence by Innotek is a great "contain and train" dog fence. It can cover up to 25 acres coverage for dog's wide freedom while the fully waterproof collar have lithium ion battery and still has progressive correction(run thru prevention) good for training for dog to learn not to cross the restricted area you set. This is a wired fence that is just easy to bury and set which areas within your yard should be or should not be. Example is you can limit your dog only on your front yard, can access the back yard but cannot enter to the flower garden. You can do this by setting up where the wire should have signal and cancel to where it should not have signal.
The collar has indicator on battery status so you know when it is time to recharge it so you are sure the system is working all the time. The collar can be also activated using AA battery back up so the system will work even when you have no time to recharge it.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Common and Unusual Advantages of Dog Crates

Though some people believe that crates are cruel to dogs, with proper introduction and use in fact makes this training tool and haven place for dogs gives multiple advantages.
Canidae or canine species in the wild build their own dens as their private rooms, homes and territory. Modern and domestic dogs also have the same behavior and needs of having their own comfort zone and we can provide it to them in the form of dog beds and dog crates. These beds and crates are definitely far softer, more comfortable, enjoyable to rest and the best den or territory for the special members of our family, our dogs and pets. Let’s enumerate some of most common and unusual advantages of quality dog crates.
Dog Crates for Potty Training. The crate is one of the easiest and most effective tool and method for potty training, especially for newly adopted or very young dogs. It is recommended to use crate for potty training for young dogs, the younger the better. Proper introduction of the crate is very important for easy and fast settling down of dogs to his new home. Below are few important tips on using dog crates to help develop a well-confident dog at home:

  1. Right size of crate. Some people took mistake on purchasing a big crate for small dogs and pups. The ideal size is getting your dog current height and choose crates that is just enough for him to eat and sleep. Consider only the place for the water and bowl, right space for him stand up, turn around and curly. Too small is very uncomfortable while too big gives him space to potty at one side and sleep on other side and he will develop that uncontrollable potty if this happens. There are available adjustable dog crates to accommodate different size of a pup as he grows up.
  2. Correct accessories. At first, use only ordinary rugs or used clothes on crates for new dogs or pups as they are still on teething and chewing stages. Refrain from purchasing expensive dog beds as it will not last for chewy dogs. Also for additional comfort, you may provide dog crate cover to let him feel more private and distracted from outside noise and busy environment.
  3. Time for Crates. At first few weeks, let your dog in the crate for several short times of a day and not too long, just around 1-2 hours. He needs to play, get socialized, time for potty outside and other activities he should enjoy. You can only leave him at crate when you are about to go outside for long time such as work, make sure to provide fresh water and chewable toys such as rawbones or gnaw toys that would make him busy inside for long hours that also promote good health such as teeth cleaning gnaw toys.
  4. Do not on Crates. Aside for extra space, refrain from leaving any harmful or any object that could hurt your dog. Make sure the bowls are attached permanently, remove any collar or leash that could entangle or could stuck your dog and get hurt.
  Crates Keep Dogs Safe and Comfortable. Having their own territory is very comforting enough that greatly helps on building dog confidence, especially for newly adopted dogs or young pups settling down with your home. Providing a crate helps you gain your dogs trust that you will provide him a very loving home. This thing can help comfort sick or injured dogs so he can rest very well towards faster recovery.  Another benefit is traveling pets safe and sound all the time inside the crate. With crate, you have less time to supervise him.

Helps you identify his needs. Crate helps you on schedule for things your dog should dog. You can learn to identify if he whines for potty, for meal, for walk and other things he should be doing. From here you can create a timed schedule for all things from walking up, go outside for walk and exercise, meal time and so on.

Peace of Mind. Yes, this is one of the best things you can get from having a comfortable space for your dog. With proper use of crate and a well-trained dog gives you confidence that your dog very comfortable and he is in a very loving home.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dog's Day of Summer Poem

Dog days of
summer heat licks my face
with soft tongue.

afternoons spent in shade of
willow trees

drinking tea -
as evening comes, flaming
reds cool to

blues and purples as the
sun beds down -

it doesn't
get much better than this.

Brought to you by: Pet Street Mall Heated Dog Beds
Poem by: Karla Dorman
Photo by Bruce Dickson

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