Friday, August 8, 2008

American Bulldog

Did you know that the American Bulldog is developed for catching livestock and for herding? Well, you may not know it but this fun dog is actually the closest relative of the Old English Bulldog. Basically, there are two types of bulldog… the Scott and the Johnson type, taken from the names of the breeders. It is characterized by its strong built and its short, clean fur.

The coat may come in different colors such as white, black, fawn or white with patches. The color combination may differ but the Johnson type of bulldog is bigger than the Scott type. It was mistaken back then as a close relative of the Pitbull Terrier but it is more similar to the Old English Bulldog. It is a muscular, working dog that can be trained to protect livestock and to secure property. When it comes to its behavior, bulldogs are friendly by nature. It is energetic and requires a lot of exercise.

They are happy and gentle around children but they should be supervised because bulldogs are strong. They have high instincts but with some social and obedience training, they can surely be controlled in no time. It is very advisable to expose them to people and with other dogs to socialize and to be comfortable around a crowd. It is best if you do this while they are just pups because when they get older, they may be harder to train. Without adequate exercise, they might be mischievous so take note of its needs. American Bulldogs love to run around and play so make sure that you make it wander around your backyard once in a while. You could also take him for a walk in the park but make sure that you have enough strength to do so. The American Bulldog is a strong animal with a big heart.

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