Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hiking with Multiple Dogs

For backpackers and hikers, having a dog as hiking companion is a great experience and would never give a dull moment. And of course, the more the merrier and having multiple dogs is just another great level of excitement. But before doing this, here are few tips on hiking with dogs for everyone’s safety and comfort.

Identify the temperament of dogs. Almost all medium to large dogs are great companion but you have to consider their individual temperament and behaviour. There are great companion alone while others are very good followers as a pack. Dog breeds such as American Stanford Bulldog and other “bull” breeds are loyal dogs but usually having issues with dominance so they need to be more trained to obey commands and get along with other dogs. Dobermans, Mastiffs, Danes, and Boxers are good candidate for multiple dog companions for they are submissive and good followers and just take note of their very hyper behaviour is well trained.

Australian Cattle dogs, Siberian Huskys, Border Collies and Akitas are well known to be loyal dogs too but would get easily distracted and excited to chase wild animals. This can be fixed with proper training and essential tools.

Another factor is weather. Identify what kind of weather condition of the hiking trail you will be travelling. Choose well-coated dogs for cold places, especially there is a change of getting wet. Tolerable are collies, husky, akita, shepherds and more.

Ensuring safety all the time.
Bring all necessary things such as food, water, shelter such
An expandable dog shock collar for multiple dogs
as dog crate and dog bed, emergency kit and some reliable training collars. There are portable water dispenser that is lightweight and designed for dogs to drink instantly without wasting any drop. Choose lightweight and foldable kennel crates more comfortable dog resting place. For even more safety and security for lost dog, use dog training collars and shock collars to ensure your dog will listen and follow you all the time. Name tags and micro chip are also very important in case of lost dog.

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