Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Common and Unusual Advantages of Dog Crates

Though some people believe that crates are cruel to dogs, with proper introduction and use in fact makes this training tool and haven place for dogs gives multiple advantages.
Canidae or canine species in the wild build their own dens as their private rooms, homes and territory. Modern and domestic dogs also have the same behavior and needs of having their own comfort zone and we can provide it to them in the form of dog beds and dog crates. These beds and crates are definitely far softer, more comfortable, enjoyable to rest and the best den or territory for the special members of our family, our dogs and pets. Let’s enumerate some of most common and unusual advantages of quality dog crates.
Dog Crates for Potty Training. The crate is one of the easiest and most effective tool and method for potty training, especially for newly adopted or very young dogs. It is recommended to use crate for potty training for young dogs, the younger the better. Proper introduction of the crate is very important for easy and fast settling down of dogs to his new home. Below are few important tips on using dog crates to help develop a well-confident dog at home:

  1. Right size of crate. Some people took mistake on purchasing a big crate for small dogs and pups. The ideal size is getting your dog current height and choose crates that is just enough for him to eat and sleep. Consider only the place for the water and bowl, right space for him stand up, turn around and curly. Too small is very uncomfortable while too big gives him space to potty at one side and sleep on other side and he will develop that uncontrollable potty if this happens. There are available adjustable dog crates to accommodate different size of a pup as he grows up.
  2. Correct accessories. At first, use only ordinary rugs or used clothes on crates for new dogs or pups as they are still on teething and chewing stages. Refrain from purchasing expensive dog beds as it will not last for chewy dogs. Also for additional comfort, you may provide dog crate cover to let him feel more private and distracted from outside noise and busy environment.
  3. Time for Crates. At first few weeks, let your dog in the crate for several short times of a day and not too long, just around 1-2 hours. He needs to play, get socialized, time for potty outside and other activities he should enjoy. You can only leave him at crate when you are about to go outside for long time such as work, make sure to provide fresh water and chewable toys such as rawbones or gnaw toys that would make him busy inside for long hours that also promote good health such as teeth cleaning gnaw toys.
  4. Do not on Crates. Aside for extra space, refrain from leaving any harmful or any object that could hurt your dog. Make sure the bowls are attached permanently, remove any collar or leash that could entangle or could stuck your dog and get hurt.
  Crates Keep Dogs Safe and Comfortable. Having their own territory is very comforting enough that greatly helps on building dog confidence, especially for newly adopted dogs or young pups settling down with your home. Providing a crate helps you gain your dogs trust that you will provide him a very loving home. This thing can help comfort sick or injured dogs so he can rest very well towards faster recovery.  Another benefit is traveling pets safe and sound all the time inside the crate. With crate, you have less time to supervise him.

Helps you identify his needs. Crate helps you on schedule for things your dog should dog. You can learn to identify if he whines for potty, for meal, for walk and other things he should be doing. From here you can create a timed schedule for all things from walking up, go outside for walk and exercise, meal time and so on.

Peace of Mind. Yes, this is one of the best things you can get from having a comfortable space for your dog. With proper use of crate and a well-trained dog gives you confidence that your dog very comfortable and he is in a very loving home.

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