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Most Advance Dog Fence

 Keeping dogs within your vicinity is essential to ensure safety and away from all elements of danger outside the house like car accidents, lost in the street or woods, stolen by strangers or wandering around and might meet or fight other dog or catch any diseases from food and water around. Investing on dog fence system is good investment in the long run, not only to keep your dog away from all danger but also it can help on training dog into even more behaved and well-disciplined pet. Dog fence replace the bulky, expensive and high maintenance wood fence aside from it blocks your view to the community and your house. Here are few of the most advanced and reliable dog fence systems available and their features.

Border Patrol TC1 – GPS Dog Fence System

Border Patrol TC1 – GPS Dog Fence System

The Border Patrol TC1GPS Dog Fence by Dog Expedition Systems is a revolutionary pet containment e-Fence or electronic dog fence system with Fence View Tracking and Remote Trainer capabilities that uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, making it the most advanced dog fence systems available. This wireless dog fence has 50 intensity levels of “Nick” and continuous stimulation, can cover an area with up to an 800 yard radius from a programmable Center Point and the remote e-collar has 2-mile range capability.

Some of its features make you more in control on location of your pet in real time. The handheld transmitter has a LCD screen display where you can tract the distance and direction of your dog from your reference. You can even set special zone with a radius from 15 to 800 yards distance, once the dog is out of this range, it will activate alarm, warning or tone for you and your pet so he can learn to stay close to your desired distance.

WIFI Dog Fence System

WIFI Dog Fence System

The WIFI Dog Fence System by Perimeter Technologies is another innovative fully wireless dog containment system with aid of 802.15 Wireless Fidelity Protocol technology or WIFI which is well-known as strong and portable communication device between gadgets. This really makes training and containing pet within anytime, anywhere within the area you wanted to set. So even in the park, forest, or any open field, you can set up this system to continuously and consistently containing and training pet to stay and keep safe.
You are in control of range from 10 - 200 ft. radius or 2.5 acres of coverage while using the real time SmartStation, you can easily view your dog’s distance from the system. To train dog, the collar has boundary challenge alert while the transmitter has lost contact alarm so you know the system is working all the time. Both collar and transmitter are rechargeable.

Ultra Contain N Train Dog Fence

Ultra Contain N Train Dog Fence
The IUC-5100 Ultra Contain N Train Dog Fence by Innotek is a great "contain and train" dog fence. It can cover up to 25 acres coverage for dog's wide freedom while the fully waterproof collar have lithium ion battery and still has progressive correction(run thru prevention) good for training for dog to learn not to cross the restricted area you set. This is a wired fence that is just easy to bury and set which areas within your yard should be or should not be. Example is you can limit your dog only on your front yard, can access the back yard but cannot enter to the flower garden. You can do this by setting up where the wire should have signal and cancel to where it should not have signal.
The collar has indicator on battery status so you know when it is time to recharge it so you are sure the system is working all the time. The collar can be also activated using AA battery back up so the system will work even when you have no time to recharge it.

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  1. Whoa! This is so cool! Although these advanced dog fence systems are very convenient, dog owners must be aware if these could be safe for their dogs...

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  3. That's a good product from a trusted brand. Although I've been using the ThinkRace Pet Tracker PT590, This is a GPS device for your pets, Real-time tracking & specially designed for pets safety & security. if you want something which is reliable and compatible. I have shared link below in case you want to explore their products.


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